Mullet Honeymaker

Mullet™ Honeymaker AL
The Mullet™ Honeymaker AL is a true cream of the crop hardtail. Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminium, the Honeymaker follows the principle of mixed wheel sizes, 29″ in the front, 27.5″ in the rear. And like its brother, the Fully Peacemaker, the Honeymaker also shines with the exclusive D.B.G.™ feature (Dirt Bike Geometry). The unique lines of the Mullet™ Honeymaker AL are welded together from hydroformed tubes. The chainstay has a CnC-milled derailleur hanger. A stiff and durable Mullet hardtail for bikers who are looking for something special. Available immediately in size L (Attention: short reach, corresponds more to a size M, price CHF 1,590.00).