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Sunday Bikes BMX
HNF Nicolai
Sunday Bikes BMX


Blue Mountain Cycles carries a curated selection of bicycles from renowned manufacturers,
with a focus on quality and value for money.

You will find first class enduro, freeride or all-mountain mtbs, racing or gravel bikes for the summit storm, as well as city, commuter or utility bikes that can be customised to transport children, dogs and merch.. And of course, this fine selection is also available in each case in the electric-assisted version. In short: a full bouquet of flowers from the colourful world of cycling.

Hot Deal! Mondraker Superfoxy
Mondraker Raze R
Evil Wreckoning
Transition Spur Carbon
Transition Smuggler Carbon
Transition Smuggler Carbon
Transition Sentinel Carbon
Transition Scout Carbon
Transition Patrol Carbon
Transition Patrol Carbon
Transition Spire Carbon
Transition Spire Carbon
Transition Spire Alloy
Mullet™ Peacemaker
Mullet™ Peacemaker
Mullet™ Honeymaker
Focus Jam 8.8
Focus Jam 6.9
Focus Jam 6.8
Focus Thron 6.9
Bixs Peak 340
Bixs Sign 220
Transition Relay Alu
Transition Repeater
Mondraker Crafty R
Mondraker Chaser R
Mondraker Crafty R
Mondraker Crafty SE
Mondraker Chaser 625
Bixs Sign-E 23
Bixs Sign-E 33
Bixs Sauvage-E 15
Bixs Sauvage-E 25
Focus Sam² 6.8
Focus Sam² 6.7
Focus Jam² 6.7
Focus Jam² 7.8
Focus Jam² 8.8 SL
Focus Jam² 6.8
Focus Thron² 6.8
Focus Izalco 8.9
Focus Izalco 8.8
Hot Deal! Cervélo R5
Cervélo Caledonia 105
Cervélo Caledonia
Cervélo Caledonia
LOOK 785 RS Spezial
LOOK 785 RS Spezial
Look 785 Huez RS
Top Deal: LOOK 765 Optimum+
Top Deal: LOOK 765 Optimum+
LOOK 795 Blade RS
LOOK 795 Blade
Look 765 Gravel RS
Look 765 Gravel
Cervélo Àspero-5
Top Deal 50%: LOOK 765 Optimum+
Top Deal 50%! LOOK 765 Otimum+
Cervélo Àspero
Focus Atlas 6.8
Focus Atlas 6.7
Focus Atlas 6.7 EQP
Focus Atlas 6.7 EQP
Bixs District-E10
Bixs Access-E 30
Bixs Campus-E10 DI
Mondraker Chaser X
Mondraker Prime X
Mondraker Prime RX
Focus Aventura² 6.7
Focus Aventura² 6.8
HNF Nicolai XD3
HNF Nicolai UD3 All-Terrain
Benno eScout
Benno eJoy
Transition PBJ
NS Bikes Movement
Sunday Forecaster
Sunday Primer 20
Sunday Primer 16
Bixs Traction 275 FS X
Mondraker Factor 26
Mondraker Leader 26
Bixs Traction
Transition Ripcord
Mondraker Leader 24
Mondraker Leader 20
Bixs Splash
Bixs Mariposa
Bixs Mariposa 100
Focus Whistler
Academy Grade 6
Academy Grade 5
Mustang Fury 20
Mustang Fury 18
Mondraker Leader 16
Mustang Fury
Marin Indian Fire Trail



Blue Mountain Cycles offers entertainment at fixed prices. A regularly serviced bike will live longer and simply makes cycling more fun.


Blue Mountain Cycles believes that every bike should have a long life. That's why we take care of all types of bicycles, even aging patients receive treatment with our Workshop Wizard.


Blue Mountain Cycles has an hourly rate of CHF 120.00.


Blue Mountain Cycles is a specialist shop. We take time for our customers and advise them. Our showroom is not a sales area, but inspiration


Gift idea? Our creative, beautifully designed vouchers of CHF 50.00 in A5 format are the perfect gift. Call or send e-mail now and order.


Should the bicycle be financed? No problem - just talk to us about it.


Blue Mountain Cycles offers a pick-up and drop-off service. Within a radius of 5 KM we charge a flat rate of CHF 25.00. Please enquire briefly about other pick-up and drop-off locations.


Today, bicycles are at the highest technical level. Nevertheless, one or the other screw can still be turned - be it a higher capacity for the battery or an even finer responding suspension.


In planning

There's always something going on here. But the next event is only in the planning stage. Visit us later.

About us


We are Cyclopaths

Cyclopaths [cy-clo-paths] nur Plural

People, who live, love and breathe cycling, bicycles and everything associated with it. They ride whenever they can, their muscles and brain cells seem to be joined by well greased chains and usually they are good humoured and in a good mood. Apart from being more healthy than those who do not share the joy and satisfaction of biking.


Mullet Cycles Peacemaker


Sven already competed in the first BMX races in the 80s and also won the Swiss championship title. Since then he has been riding on two wheels, no longer competitively, but all the more enjoyable on trails, pump tracks and bike parks.


Arlesheim Trail, Corviglia Flow Trail or Blueberry Trail - Bettina is on the trails with her two sons Fynn and Leon. If she is still outriding the two boys today, she must unfortunately reckon that the tide will soon turn in their favour. No wonder, with this teacher. Addendum 2023: people whisper to each other that the tide has turned in the meantime. What a teacher!


Ruedi started his "career" as a "Gümmeler" with ambitions (road races, round trips, track races and time races). Soon Mountain Biking was added. Ruedi competed in several marathons (Engadin Cycle Marathon, Black Forest Ultra Bike Marathon, etc.) and still today he covers well over 100'000 metres of altitude with the e-MTB every year.


It's not entirely clear how long Théo has been on a bike, but rumour has it that it started shortly after his birth. When he was still half-grown, he was already working as a race mechanic for the largest French CX racing team. Soon he was racing cross-country himself and since 2021 he has been competing in enduro races. The trained bicycle mechanic EFZ is young, very young, but already has experience that others need decades for.

Bad Flüh

In our grandmothers' time our shop was a thermal spring and was called "Bad Flüh". People met there to do good, to exchange ideas and to leave everyday life behind. In short: it was a spa. This spirit lives on. Blue Mountain Cycles is the spa for bicycles, so to speak.

Blue Mountain Cycles originated from Sieber Velos (founded 1986). Thomy Sieber was a gifted mechanic and laid the foundation for Blue Mountain Cycles. We are highly grateful to him for this.

Brands, we love


The Bellingham/USA-based company develops bikes the way owner Kevin Walsh wants to ride: steep and rough trails. So that fun still comes up on rough ground, everything revolves around the Delta Link suspension design on the rear at Evil Bike Co. In addition, there is an absolutely high quality in the processing of the frames, which lifts the bikes from Evil in the top class sky.


Made in France - a classic among racing bikes. Highest perfection in carbon processing. And who does not know them, the pedals from Look? Today cult and a piece of bicycle history.


We have them, the cult brand from Bellingham/USA. Transition Bikes has embodied for over 20 years the spirit and lifestyle of flowing biking like no other brand. The geometries of the North American MTB manufacturer are aggressive and playful at the same time: flat steering angles, long reach and short chainstays make Transition bikes the perfect trail rockets.


Since Cervélo was founded in Canada in 1995, the brand has stood for uncompromisingly fast road cycles. They were the first to introduce a carbon frame under 1kg in 1996. They were the first to think about aerodynamics in bicycles. Today, Cervélo remains true to these roots and builds not only fast but also beautiful road bikes. Overview and differencies of models: read here.


Mike Vidovich, one of the two heads of Mullet Cycles, has a long history in motocross and has been developing mixed-wheels concepts (big wheel in front, smaller wheel in the back) for mountain bikes since 2013, at that time still on behalf of other well-known bike brands like Foes. In 2017, he founded Mullet Cycles with Miles Schwartz from Miles Wide Industries. The small and fine bike boutique from Boise/Idaho is considered an insider tip for well thought-out suspension design and geometries. The results are bikes that are playful and offer a lot of safety, according to the motto: "Business in the front, party in the back".


Miguel Pina, head of the Spanish noble smithy Mondraker, is still successfully riding downhill races even at the age of 50. The concentrated know-how flows into the development of the very sporty bikes, which are still assembled in Alicante today. An absolute top product.


The MTBs, eMTBs and e-City bikes of the Swiss brand Bixs stand for Swiss values such as quality, reliability, performance and high functionality without frills. All this packed into an excellent price-performance ratio. With the Bixs Performance Racing Team, the brand is now enjoying considerable success in MTB racing on the national and international stage. A brand that is clearly on the rise. Only one question remains to be answered: how do you pronounce Bixs? Quite simple: like bikes in English.


Focus from Stuttgart was founded in 1993 and positioned itself as a German premium brand from the very beginning. The founder and three-time cyclocross world champion Mike Kluge helped to develop the bikes. The sporty genes are still in every Focus bike today, coupled with an exceptional value for money. Today, Focus is one of the most established German brands in the wide world of bikes.


Karlheinz "Kalle" Nicolai has been running a factory for high-quality mountain bike frames in Germany for over 20 years. His know-how has gone into the e-bikes from HNF Nicolai. The result is premium e-bikes that make no compromises on quality, from the high-quality frame to the Gates carbon belt drive and the continuously variable hi-tech rear hub. An HNF Nicolai is a powerhouse e-bike for commuters and adventurers alike.


Benno Baenziger, creative spirit living in California with German-Swiss roots, developed Benno Bikes under three aspects: Riding fun, design and usability. This resulted in the Cargo-Bike, which is not a Cargo-Bike, but THE modular Etility Bike.


Sunday Bikes built the first frame in 2006 on the premise of eliminating the reliability problems that riders have faced since the 1980s. This led Sunday to construct the first 41-Therman heat-treated frame and thus heralded a new era in quality workmanship. Since then, the brand from California has continued to inspire with new innovations and perfect geometries for BMX bikes.


Nobody is too small to be a biker. Mustang specializes in kids bikes, with the clear mantra: safety first. This results in a wide range of bikes for kids from 2 years of age of the highest quality.

Accessoires, we love