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Fixed prices

Check-upCHF 80.00

Bottom bracket, headset and hubs inspected and adjusted.
Brakes: Rims and pads are checked for wear, pads aligned. Cables and calipers adjusted for optimum stopping power.
Gears: Chain and cassette are checked for wear, limits adjusted and cables checked for perfect shifting.
All cables inspected for damage.
Tyres checked and pumped to correct pressure.
All nuts and bolts checked and tightened.
The chain is lubricated.

Small serviceCHF 140.00

Includes everything described in the check-up, plus:

Wheels comprehensively tensioned, trued and dished. Spoke tension checked.

Drivetrain cleaned and degreased, lubricated for best performance.

Cables replaced if necessary. Brakes bleeded if necessary.

Frame alignment checked, including derailleur hanger.

Bike is wiped down

Large serviceCHF 240.00

Includes everything described in the  small service, plus:

All drivetrain components removed from the frame and are cleaned, inspected for damage and refitted.

New pads and cables (inner and outer) are included in the assembly of the drivetrain and brakes. Hydraulic brakes bleeded.

Check of bearings, if necesssary new bearings and grease are included in the reassembly of all bearing components (headset, bottom bracket, hubs).

Frames (Carbon & Aluminium) inspected, steel frames are inspected for internal rusting and a rust preventative is added.

Bike thoroughly cleaned.

Small Fork ServiceCHF 120.00

The small fork service includes dismantling the fork, cleaning all parts, replacing the dust wipers, foam rings, the SAG ring and the seals. Fresh oil is added, everything is lubricated, the fork is assembled and a final check is carried out. We use the high-end products MOTOREX Racing Fork Oil.

Small Shock ServiceCHF 90.00

The small shock service includes the initial visual inspection, disassembly of the shock, cleaning of all components and assembly. All seals are replaced, everything greased and a final check is carried out.

Test BikesCHF 80.00

We can order test bikes for the brands LOOK, Mondraker and Transition. The test bikes allow you to put a bike through its paces for a whole weekend. The test fee of CHF 80.00 will be deducted from the purchase price. Many models and sizes available. Order on request.

Please Note
All prices are for labour and are exclusive of parts, unless otherwise stated. Replacement parts cost extra but we will call for your agreement before proceeding.

All services will be road tested by one of our mechanics.